Welcome To Mstn!


In 2016, in order to strengthen innovation ability in technology, MSTN TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. established it’s own R&D center, which is located in LIANDO U Valley industrial park in Tongzhou district, Beijing, covering an area of 1500 square meters. The R&D center have 12 R&D staff, that all have bachelor degree or above, including one with doctor degree, four with master degree, two senior engineers, which initially formed a top R&D team with multiple and complementary disciplines.

Our R&D center is fully equipped with different instruments and equipment and has six labs: a sterile lab, a strain lab, a chemical analysis lab, a raw material analysis lab of 3D printing, a preparation lab, and a pilot test lab. Since the establishment of the center, we have successfully developed several innovative technologies in high salinity waste water treatment, salted waste water concentration and crystallization treatment, enhanced composite flocculant for desulfurization unit, and heavy metals waste water harmless treatment and reclamation treatment in petrochemical industry, which have reached to the leading level both at home and aboard.

We also cooperate closely with well-known university like Beijing University of Geosciences and North China Electric Power University to accelerate the development of new products and new technologies.

Up to now, we have obtained several patents and software copyrights, and totally completed over 200 projects that have received unanimous recognition from customers.


Room 308, Fu Xing Office Building, He Tao Yuan No.30, Guang Dong Dian Bei jie, Chao Yang District, Beijing, P.R. China.