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Product introduction

The compound flocculant developed by the company has targeted removal effect on micron-sized suspended solids in flue gas desulfurization liquid waste, and can realize rapid, efficient and low-cost treatment of flue gas desulfurization liquid waste. In addition, the treatment method of the compound flocculant for flue gas desulfurization liquid waste is different from that of the conventional flocculant. In the conventional treatment process, in order to avoid interference between different kinds of flocculating agents, the main agent will be added first, followed by the auxiliary agent, so as to promote the removal of suspended particles. However, the compound flocculant developed by the company only needs to be added once, the operation is simple and the subsequent filtration process are not required, therefore the equipment investment cost is low.

Configuration and Usage Scenario

  • Product Preparation device
  • Finished product
  • Flocculation device
  • Dosing device


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